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Dr. Prashant Jain has been an absolute saviour for my 4 months old child in the case of intussusception who required to go through a surgery immediately. Dr. has given us our ray of hope back and was extremely supportive. He has truly been an angel sent by god for us. The surgery went well and my son is well and good now all because of him. Don’t know what we would have done without him, he is an absolute best at his work, gem of a person and a real professional at what he does.We are truly grateful to him.

Richa Chauhan

I had consulted Dr. Prashant Jain for Stoma Closure for my son, who was suffering from Meconium Ileus. Doctor responded very well and assured that all will be good. We went for the surgery and my kid got recovered. It was really a miracle for us (as some complications happened and doctor sir handled the situation very carefully). I am very much thankful to Dr. Prasant Jain and his team for the surgery.

Nitesh Kumar

Dr Prashant Jain is a great doctor for my kid. He was having the rarest cyst, but dr Prashant made it easy for my family and son. He operated and everything was good. My son is also doing well. Everything has there pre’s and con’s but if I talk about doctor I can say he is the best pediatric surgeon you can go for without any tension. Thank you so much doctors uncle❤ from Rudransh Tiwari.

Vaishali Saini

Simply want to say, you can rely on Dr. Prashant jain without a doubt, although its very tough to decide when it comes on our kids as we as a parent want to do best to best for our kids. If you are under Dr. Prashant jain supervision you already took a right step.

Varun Gupta

Dr. Prashant Jain is one of the best doctor of North India atleast for pediatrics surgery. We have taken his recommended treatment that was surgery for our daughter and that was successful. Kudos to Sir and his team. Also he has tremendous way of communicating problem to the parents. Great experience.

Nitin Jain

I got best possible treatment for my daughter. She was down with abdominal abscess. The treatment provided was without any complications. She is doing perfectly fine now. Thank you Doctor. You are the best.

Mohit Mann

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