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All You Need To Know About Laparoscopic Surgery In Children

All You Need To Know About Laparoscopic Surgery In Children


Before the advancement in the surgical field, the surgery was done by making a long incision at the site of the procedure. However, laparoscopic surgery has changed the way the operations are being conducted. Various types of surgeries are now possible through laparoscopy. There is an increasing trend of such surgeries due to the various advantages offered by laparoscopy. Urological surgeries in children are also performed through laparoscopy.

What Is The Scope Of Laparoscopy Surgery In Children?

Laparoscopy surgery in children is done for a long period. The surgeons are experienced enough to perform the surgery with high success rates. Because of the advanced technology and highly sophisticated machines along with extensive training obtained by the surgeons, laparoscopic surgery in children is on the rise. Fewer complications and reduction in surgical stress has increased the popularity of such surgery in children.

Are There Any Safety Issues With Laparoscopy In Children?

The safety of the children during laparoscopy surgery depends upon the following factors:

Expert surgeon: The surgeon performing the laparoscopic surgery should be an expert in pediatric surgery. Laparoscopic surgery done by expert surgeons have less risk of post-surgical complications.

The right dose of anesthesia: The dose of anesthesia is important for the success of the surgery. The dose given to the child should be accurate and should be given by an anesthesia expert who has experience in pediatric anesthesia.

Advanced equipment: Laparoscopic surgery should be done with advanced and sophisticated equipment. This will increase the chance of a positive outcome.

What Are The Various Laparoscopic Non Urological Surgeries Done In Children?

Laproscopic Appendicectomy – Acute appendicitis is common emergency in children. In this there is inflammation of the appendix and requires surgical removal, otherwise there can be complications of rupture and spread of infection. This can be done via laparoscopy.

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy – Acute cholecystitis is the inflamation of the Gall bladder which occurs due to gall stones and is being increasingly diagnosed in children because of the current lifestyle. This procedure can be done through laparoscopy.

Laparoscopic Splenectomy – In a number conditions the spleen gets enlarged and causes problems in the blood of the child. In such cases the spleen has to be removed. This procedure can be done through Laparoscopy.

What Are The Benefits Of Laparoscopic Surgery In Children?

Laparoscopy surgery offers various advantages to the children. Following are some of the advantages:

Less pain: As compared to open surgery, the incision done in the laparoscopic surgery is small. Thus, the child feels very less pain as compared to open surgery.

Fewer post-operative complications: More the exposure of the internal tissues, more is the risk of infection and blood loss. In the laparoscopic surgery in children, there is a small exposure of the internal tissues. Thus, laparoscopic surgery has the advantage of less blood loss, reduced risk of infection, and fewer incidences of other post-surgical complications.

Short hospitalization and short recovery time: Due to the minimally invasive procedure, the laparoscopic surgery reduces the length of stay at the hospital. This results in a reduction in the overall cost. Further, the patient recovers faster after laparoscopic surgery as compared to open surgery due to low tissue damage.

What To Expect After Laparoscopic Surgeries In Children?

After the surgeon performs the surgery, the para-medical staff shifts the child to the recovery room. The nurse will monitor the vital parameters of the child. Your child may feel mild pain after the surgery which can be easily managed through analgesics. The surgeon allows feeding to the child within a few hours after the surgery. The child may go home the same day or within a day or two after surgery.

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