Our Cases

Pediatric Urology - Case 1

A case of Severe Hypospadias

Penoscrotal hypospadias with severe chordee
Stage 1: Chordee correction and free preputial graft
Stage II: Urethroplasty

Pediatric Urology - Case 2

A case of Distal hypospadias

Single stage repair with foreskin reconstruction (Preputioplasty)
After 3 weeks

Pediatric Urology - Case 3

Undescended Testis

Laparoscopic fixation (orchidopexy) in undescended Testis

Pediatric Urology - Case 4

Endoscopic fulgaration of Posterior Urethral Valve in below Two KG newborn

A 1 month old, 1.6 KG, 33 wks preterm, newborn presented with urinary dribbling and retention of urine.
Investigations revealed bilateral dilatation of kidneys and ureter.
Mictuirating cystourethrogram was showing dilated posterior part of urethra and reflux on the left side.
This was suggestive posterior urethral valve. The child was stabilised and endoscopic fulgration was done.
Presently child is doing fine and passing good steam of urine. Dilatation of kidney is reduced on ultrasound.

Pediatric Laparoscopy

Thoracoscopic repair of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

Thoracoscopic repair of diaphragmatic defect