Many people have never heard of the term hydronephrosis. That’s because it is only prevalent in around 1% of the general population according to a research paper published by Science Direct. Hydronephrosis can affect both children and adults. In fact, it can even affect ... Read More
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Wilms Tumor

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A Wilms' tumour is a type of kidney cancer that usually affects young children. It is also known as a ‘Nephroblastoma’. Wilm's tumour is the most common type of kidney cancer in children but is very rare. The treatment for Wilms' tumour usually ... Read More
January 30, 2020admin
What Is Pediatric Urology? Children frequently suffer from Genito-urinary disorders. Infants are not able to comprehensively express the discomfort due to these disorders. In such a scenario, a trained and experienced pediatric urologist is required. Pediatric urologists ... Read More
January 30, 2020admin
Urological problems in children are those which involve the genitourinary system in children, which includes internal structures such as the kidneys, the ureters, bladder and urethra. Urological problems in children can either be congenital, that is present at birth, or it can be developed later on ... Read More
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Neonatal Surgery

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A newborn baby during his first 28 days of life is also called a neonate. The neonatal period is the time when changes within the baby’s body are very rapid. Several important changes would occur within this period, such as the feeding habits are formed, infection ... Read More
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Pediatric Urology

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Congenital defects and diseases in the urinary tract or genitals of your child has to be identified early and rectified sooner. Unattended conditions put your child into various complications for rest of their life. The urinary tract includes the kidneys, ureters, and the bladder while the ... Read More
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Surgeries are scary, and when it is for your child it is the scariest! You would be terrified to make your mind to take your child to a surgery, preparing for the hospital stay and going through the child recovery process. The happy news is that, ... Read More
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Hypospadias is a birth defect in boys in which the opening of the urethra is not located at the tip of penis. In these cases the tube that carries urine from the bladder to outside of the body or the ... Read More
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Kidneys are important organ for urine formation. Normally, urine flows into the bladder through ureters. However, in some children, urine from the bladder flows back through the ureters. This condition is known as Vesicouretral reflux (VUR) and is common in infants and children. It can be unilateral or ... Read More
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An undescended testicle (or “testis”) is when it fails to drop into the normal place in the scrotum. This is found in about 3 ... Read More
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